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Plastic Injection Moulding Products

Injection moulding is designed for high volume production. If you need just a few parts there are other methods more suited. A search in the Yellow Pages using ‘Plastics -Fabricators’ should provide some local results.


Your product is important to you, so you need to find a moulder who also sees your product as important. You want that product delivered in a reasonable time frame and to a certain standard. So you really need to take the time to choose the right moulder.

Some things to ask are:
  • How much experience has the moulder and his staff? Do you want to be part of their learning process?
  • Do they have quality assurance? If not can they guarantee that your product will be delivered to the right standard?
  • Are they skilled in moulding the type of material required? Again you don’t want to be the experiment, some materials can be difficult to mould and require specialised equipment. The end result may not be satisfactory in fact the material may lose some of the properties it was originally specified for.
  • Do they have the right machinery and is that machinery regularly maintained? This can impact on planned delivery. Most breakdowns can be avoided with a comprehensive maintenance routine.
  • Are all staff trained appropriately? It only takes one person to be untrained to undo the work of the rest of the team. If that person is involved in moulding your product you may the one who pays for that lack of training.
  • Is the work area clean and tidy? If not; does this reflect in their work systems – are they disciplined and methodical?
  • Can they mould to the tolerances required and do they have the facilities to determine that those tolerances are maintained throughout the run? Not all machines have the capability to mould to tight tolerances and not all moulders have the systems in place to ensure that the required tolerances are achieved and maintained.
  • Is the moulder able to supply parts within a reasonable timeframe? If parts are consistently late will you be the one paying the price.


The trend in recent years has been to get moulding done overseas as the price is lower. But is it? There are extra costs like, shipping and handling, extended lead times, up front payment terms, the need to carry extra stock, the inability to procure mouldings as quickly as needed and the uncertainty of exchange rates.

Plasmasters focus is to build a strong, supportive relationship with our customers. We provide flexible delivery and in some instances carry emergency stock. We are happy to discuss your requirements and come up with an equitable outcome. Plasmasters also include general tool maintenance for any tooling that is regularly used (subject to certain criteria).

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