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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Injection Moulding

What size components can you make?

We can make parts from 1g up to 2kg.

What type of raw materials can you mould?

Pretty much anything except rigid PVC. We have experience in all commodity type materials like Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC, Acrylic, ABS, ASA, Nylon and we regularly mould from Polysulphone, Polyetherimide and Polyurethane

Can you help with material selection?

Yes we can, and we can access specialised technical information from a range of suppliers if required as there are currently more than 75,000 grades of raw material available.

What does plastic raw material cost?

Generally commodity type plastic resins start at about $2 a kilo, but some of the engineering grade materials may cost $100+ per kilo.

Can you use recycled plastic?

We can, but it is dependent on the product.  We try to reuse plastic at the  point of origin whenever possible.  If you have a product that can be moulded using recycled plastic we will happily do so, as it is often a viable option whenever costs need to be minimised.  In some circumstances the use of recycled plastic isn't possible particularly with the engineering grade types of materials.  These materials degrade to an extent each time they are moulded and lose their unique properties - so it isn't advisable to reuse these types of plastic.

Do you carry out any post moulding work?

It depends on what is required.  We do simple assembly work and also pad printing of moulded components.

What will a mould cost me?

The cost of a die is dependent on many things.  Generally a simple mould designed for low volume use will cost much less than a complex mould or a mould capable of producing high volume parts.  Typically a simple mould will start at $4000 to $5000 and can go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Do you make moulds?

No we don't.  We work with a number of toolmakers with a proven track record who specialize in different types of tooling.  Together we work at coming up with the best tool to suit your needs and budget.